Eminem slams Trump in profane video, calls him racist

Author: APFri, 2017-10-13 03:00ID: 1507836418377315500NEW YORK: Eminem has unleashed a profane lyrical tirade against President Donald Trump — saying he “came to stomp” and taking aim at Trump’s Twitter habits, policy, appearance and supporters.The rapper on Tuesday unveiled “The Storm,” a 4½-minute freestyle rap video recorded Friday in a Detroit parking garage that aired as part of BET’s Hip Hop Awards on Tuesday night.Eminem slammed the Republican president as “a kamikaze who will probably cause a nuclear holocaust” before criticizing Trump’s ongoing campaign against NFL national anthem protests.“But this is his form of distraction, plus he gets an enormous reaction when he attacks the NFL, so we focus on that instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada. All these horrible tragedies and he is bored and would rather cause a Twitter storm with the Packers,” he rapped.He later mentioned NFL free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is credited with launching the ongoing anthem protests. Kaepernick told the rapper on Twitter, “I appreciate you.”Eminem also took down Trump’s recently unveiled plan for tax cuts, questioning: “Then who is going to pay for his extravagant trips back and forth with his fam to his golf resorts and his mansions?”Eminem has unleashed a profane lyrical tirade against President Donald Trump. The rapper took aim at Trump in a freestyle rap video that aired Tuesday night as part of BET’s Hip Hop Awards. (Oct. 11)At one point he called Trump, who is 71, a “racist 94-year-old grandpa” and compared the president’s appearance to the Marvel Comics character “The Thing.”The 44-year-old rapper closed out his rant with a message to his fans who support Trump, saying “I am drawing in the sand a line, you are either for or against.” He added that people who do not support the president love the military and the country, but “hate Trump.”The White House did not respond to a request for comment on the video, and Trump did not mention it while tweeting on several issues Wednesday morning.This is Eminem’s most recent rhymed attack on Trump. It follows up last year’s nine-minute freestyle track “Campaign Speech” and a verse earlier this year on Big Sean’s “No Favors.”
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