Entertainment authority to offer diverse Ramadan activities

Author: ARAB NEWSSat, 2017-05-27 03:00ID: 1495836933211923300RIYADH: The General Authority for Entertainment (GEA) is preparing for Ramadan by offering a wide range of special events for the holy month. A key event is the Yanbu Festival, which aims to boost the tourism, commerce and entertainment industries during Ramadan through various activities targeting all segments of society. The festival will be held between May 27 and July 9 in the historic sea region of Yanbu. Other activities include sports competitions such as volleyball and football, as well as a Ramadan tent hosting cultural and heritage events from May 27 to June 14. In Makkah, activities include the Harra Makiya Festival, which aims to promote awareness among residents and visitors of old areas of Makkah. The festival will include 3,000 pieces of rare archaeological artifacts, an interactive theater and a tent with documents displaying an interactive history of Makkah. It will take place in Al-Nozha neighborhood from May 27 to July 25. In Riyadh, the Ramadan Carnival will shed light on the spirit of the holy month through various cultural activities, as well as iftar and sahoor meals at Wadi Haneefa from May 27 to June 15. The GEA is cooperating with government entities to provide Al-Ahsa football championship to support youth, free of charge, at King Abdullah Sports Field in Al-Ahsa from May 27 to June 4. Another football competition for public sector employees aims to boost friendly competition between different sectors, and will take place at the sports hall at King Saud University from May 28 to June 14. Other festivals and activities include the Fanous Festival from May 31 to June 14 in Riyadh, and educational and cultural events in Jeddah that shed light on the lives of Muslims during the time of the Prophet Muhammad. The latter will be held on King Abdulaziz Road behind Al-Shatea Market from June 1-29. Other events focusing on old popular markets, Ramadan iftars, children’s theaters, national awareness, social cohesion, support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurship, youth, family, handicrafts, food and drink are scheduled to take place throughout the Kingdom.The diverse events offer a wide range of activities and entertainment for families. The GEA said all members of the community are invited to attend and participate, adding that a number of activities will be added to the calendar in the coming days. More details are available at www.roznamah.sa and on social media accounts @Roznamah_sa.
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