EU approves 191 mln USD grant for Lebanon

EU approves 191 mln USD grant for Lebanon

BEIRUT (Xinhua) — The European Union Regional Trust Fund approved Wednesday an unprecedented 165 million euros (around 191 million U.S. dollars) grant for Lebanon, according to a statement issued by the EU.

“During the past few months, the EU and member countries reiterated their commitment to support Lebanon’s stability, security and economic development,” the National News Agency (NNA) quoted the EU as saying.

“This new package reflects EU’s commitment in strengthening Lebanon’s public education sector,” it added.

The statement noted that the EU allocated 100 million euros to build up the public education sector and make sure that all children can accept high standards of education.

“The EU works, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and all its schools, to ensure the sustainability of the public education sector,” it said.

Around 52 million euros of the grant are allocated to financially support needy Lebanese and Syrian refugees.

“This step will, in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs, contribute to enhancing the social aid system in Lebanon,” it said.

According to UN Higher Commission for Refugees, Lebanon hosts more than 1 million Syrians who fled their war-torn country since the rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad erupted in 2011.

As for the rest of the money (13 million euros), they will be offered to Palestinian refugees coming from Syria to help them adapt to their new situation and to meet their daily needs and demands.

According to Lebanese Central Administration of statistics, a total of 174,422 Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon in 2017.

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