EU pledges $82.5M for reconstruction: Iraqi minister

EU pledges $82.5M for reconstruction: Iraqi minister

BAGHDAD (Rahnuma) The European Union and Iraq have signed a strategic partnership pact worth €72.5 million ($82.5 million) for the nation’s reconstruction, said Iraqi officials on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters in Baghdad after meeting with EU officials, Finance Minister Fuad Hussein said both sides have agreed to cooperate on issues such as public services, the economy, cleaning mines, and reforming the energy sector.

An EU delegation will conduct field surveys during a future visit, he added.

Nearly half of the €72.5 million will be used to maintain stability through promoting local development, Pierre Amilhat from the EU’s Directorate-General of International Cooperation and Partnership told reporters.

According to Iraqi government figures, the country needs some $88.2 billion for its 10-year reconstruction plan.

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