EU raps Houthis for targeting Saudi civilians

EU raps Houthis for targeting Saudi civilians

BRUSSELS (RAHNUMA) The EU has condemned Houthis for targeting civilians, after a spokesperson said Saudi Arabia was targeted by drones and ballistic missile attacks earlier this week.

The condemnation follows an increase in fighting in Yemen, where civilians, including children, continue to bear the brunt of the violence.

All attacks against civilians are unacceptable, said the EU spokesperson.

The latest cross-border attack is contrary to the efforts of a UN special envoy to mediate a cease-fire and resume political negotiations, he said.

The EU reiterated its call for all sides to enter political talks through the UN and said it continues to support the efforts of the UN special envoy.

Meanwhile, the Arab Parliament strongly condemned repeated attacks by Houthi militias on the Kingdom.

It called on the UN to “oblige the Houthis to stop these cowardly aggressive actions targeting civilians and civilian objects in Saudi Arabia.”

In a resolution, the parliament held the Iranian regime fully responsible for its flagrant violation of UN Security Council resolutions and its continued supply of smart weapons, ballistic missiles and drones to Houthi militias, with the aim of destabilizing regional security and perpetuating chaos in Yemen.

The parliament highlighted the need to follow the Riyadh agreement, signed between the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council in November 2019.

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