Extramarks launches AI-based studybot ‘Alex’

AI (artificial intelligence) concept.

New Delhi, Sep 11 (IANS) Extramarks has launched an Artificial-Intelligence based studybot named “Alex” – (Artificial Learner Centric Studybot) – that helps students reach their milestones by creating personalised learning journeys and instantly resolving unlimited problems and doubts for students, anywhere and anytime.

Alex curates an adaptive learning path for each student after considering his learning needs and academic goals. This journey takes learners through each chapter in a personalized manner, meaning, they are now empowered to learn at their own pace and style.

Alex provides quick tests to assess the level of comprehension, and adapts itself to the results by redefining the path of the journey according to their performance. Further, getting learner’s doubts cleared is just a step away. The users can simply click a picture of the doubt or problem they want Alex to solve, and get instant resolutions.

This service is supplemented, by real-time concept explanation for doubts, problem solving coaching and overall academic mentorship features by an Extramarks product called “Achieve” which was launched in May 2019, where Extramarks’ teachers and subject matter experts use SNAAP (Student Needs Analysis and Academic Profile) to ensure that the students excel in their academic journeys and give real time support to the students.

Announcing the launch of ‘Alex’, Ritvik Kulshrestha said that “Students will now be able to get the much-needed personal attention through Alex to help them create their milestones and get their doubts resolved immediately.”

This artificial intelligence and machine learning studybot has already been launched for students of the K-12 segment on Extramarks – The Learning App, and will soon make its way to the other Test Prep applications by Extramarks.

Extramarks is a leading digital learning company offering K-12 learning solutions covering various curricula and all subjects for in-school and at-home learning. Besides India, Extramarks has a global presence in South Africa, Indonesia and Middle East countries.

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