Farmers happy with our Declaration, TRS will lose in 2023: Mallu Ravi

Hyderabad, May 9 (NSS):TPCC Vice President Mallu Ravi today said the farmers in the State were happy with their Warangal Declaration released by their party leader Rahul Gandhi. He said the farmers have now got the confidence that the Congress would implement the declaration after coming to power. He said the declaration was already being implemented in Chattisgarh State.

Commenting on the implementation of MGNREGS, Ravi said the scheme was not linked to the agriculture sector in the entire country and added that the linkage would help the poor landless labourers. He said they would also implant Rythu Bhima scheme to farm labourers and tenant farmers. He said they had also promised to reopen sugar factory and turmeric board in the declaration and added that they would give land pattas to the farmers on podu lands besides giving selling rights. He alleged that the TRS leaders had taken away the podu lands given to the farmers by the Cngress government in the undivided Andhra Pradesh Sate. He alleged that the ruling party leaders were turning the podu land farmers into farm labourers. He claimed that their political rivals TRS and BJP were scared about their future in Telangana after the announcement of the declaration.

Referring to the critical comments of IT Minister K Tarakarama Rao against Rahul Gandhi, he said it was not proper for KTR to make the insulting remarks. He made it clear that Rahul did not talk about the poll promises of the TRS. He said Rahul Gandhi only talked about the promises made by the Congress party while asking KTR as to why he was getting agitated with the declaration of their party. He also asked KTR as to how he would insult the family, which created the separate Telangana State in order to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of the crores of people of the State.

He said the people in the State were not appreciating the comments of the TRS leaders against Rahul Gandhi. He said the foundation of the TRS party was being shaken after the declaration of their party and added that the TRS would lose power after the next Assembly elections. He also claimed that the TRS leaders delivered the same comments made by the BJP leaders. He also alleged that both the TRS and BJP had joined hands in the State.

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