Fearsome tiger sharks deemed “lazy hunters” by Aussie scientists

Fearsome tiger sharks deemed “lazy hunters” by Aussie scientists

SYDNEY (Rahnuma):  Australian scientists have dubbed one of the ocean’s most feared predators, tiger sharks, as “relaxed” and “lazy hunters” in a study released on Wednesday.

Using specialist tags which combine cameras with motion and environmental sensors, the team from Murdoch University and the Australian Institute of Marine Science, monitored 27 tiger sharks in the Ningaloo Reef off the coast of Western Australia.

The tags revealed the movements of sharks in 3D when they encountered typical prey species including turtles, large fish and other sharks.

“Tiger sharks are surprisingly lazy predators,” lead author Dr Samantha Andrzejaczek said.

“Our tagged sharks just continued on their courses without attempting to predate on alert individuals even if they were right in front of them.”

Co-author Dr Adrian Gleiss said that tiger sharks are more likely to use stealth to sneak up on their prey, comparing them to lions.

“They don’t waste energy stalking prey that are already aware of them and can easily escape,” Gleiss said.

“These sharks minimise energy output and chances of success by sneaking up on unsuspecting turtles and large fish.”

To conduct the study scientists attached the tags to their dorsal fins by hand, then when they automatically detached after one-two days, collected them from the surface for analysis.

The research gives experts a unique glimpse into a day in the life of a shark, contributing to conservation and protection efforts.

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