Feminism not criminalized in Saudi Arabia, says Presidency of State Security

Feminism not criminalized in Saudi Arabia, says Presidency of State Security

RIYADH (Rahnuma) The Presidency of State Security has issued a clarification concerning the “extremism concept” promotional video which was broadcast by the General Department for Counter-Extremism.

In a statement, the presidency said that the video’s content was inaccurate and contained many mistakes in defining extremism.

It was noted that the person who prepared and published the video acted wrongly and on his own behalf. According to the official statement, the person was brought in for investigation and steps were taken to deal with the social media in order to ensure that such mistakes were not made again.

The presidency also pointed out the erroneous article published on Nov. 11 in Al-Watan newspaper which said “heavy punishment will be imposed on feminists, including jail time and flogging.”

The presidency clarified that the story was untrue, pointing out that it was not a regulatory or judicial body as stipulated by the Statute of Governance and other statutes. The presidency has taken the necessary legal action with the relevant authorities against Al-Watan newspaper regarding the incorrect report it published.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the Saudi Human Rights Commission confirmed that feminism was not criminalized in Saudi Arabia and that the Kingdom accorded the greatest importance to women’s rights.

The commission noted the fundamental strides taken for the empowerment of women which have granted them their complete rights.

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