Feuding in TTDP to the fore over grabbing of tickets

Hyderabad, Nov.4 (NSS): Even as the Congress, a major constituent of the Mahakutami primarily decided to concede 14 Assembly seats to Telugu Desam party, internal feud among the TDP leaders to grab one of these seats was slowly coming to fore in the State. One such Assembly seat, which is likely to be allotted to the TDP, was witnessing tough competition from the party leaders.

The party ticket hopefuls from Sherilinagampally Assembly constituency are even trying to overpower each other with the sole objective of bagging the party ticket and contest from the seat in the upcoming Assembly elections. In a fresh development, the supporters of the ticket aspirants of the party clashed with each other on Sunday. Party senior leader Bhavya Anand Prasad, who was leaving no stone unturned to bag the ticket from the seat, took out a big bike rally with his supporters in Hydernagar area of the constituency.

Sensing trouble from this bike rally, the supporters of another party leader Movva Satyanarayana stopped the bike rally and attacked Bhavya Anand Prasad with slippers in full public glare. They also raised slogans against Anand Prasad and his supporters to cancel their rally and go back to their homes. The acrimonious and bitter fight between the supporters of the two leaders on the highway led to a huge traffic jam in the area prompting police intervention. The police rushed to the spot and cleared the traffic jam after convincing both the leaders  to thrash out their differences amicably.

Interestingly, Movva Satyanarayana joined the TDP recently by crossing the fence from the ruling TRS in the hope of bagging party ticket. He also made futile attempts to get the ticket from the seat before the last Assembly elections. Later, Satyanarayana joined the ruling TRS. This did not go down well with his rival in the party Anand Prasad and his supporters. They have been demanding that the party leadership not to give ticket to Satyanarayana as he abandoned the party when it needed the most. The feud between the two leaders is likely to grow in the days to come. Meanwhile, the two leaders are making all-out efforts to grab the ticket and test their luck from the seat in the upcoming elections.

Party sources said Bhavya Anand Prasad is a prominent industrialist and has the blessings of actor-turned politician Nandamuri Balakrishna. It is said that Balakrishna has already recommended the name of Prasad for the Sherilingampally seat to the party’s national president N. Chandrababu Naidu and urged him to field the industrialist from the seat  in the upcoming election. (NSS)

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