Fines, recruitment bans for recruiting others sponsors’ workers

Author: ARAB NEWSMon, 2017-06-19 03:00ID: 1497829579894349900RIYADH: An official at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs said companies that employ other sponsors’ workers or allow their workers to work for others, could be fined SR25,000 ($6,667) and denied foreign recruitment for one year, according to Article 39 of the Labor Law.If the violation is committed a second time, the fine is raised to SR50,000, the recruitment ban is increased to two years, the employer is named, and the responsible manager is jailed for six months. If repeated for a third time, the fine is SR100,000, the recruitment ban is increased to five years, and the responsible manager is jailed for one year.Small enterprises are fined SR15,000 and denied recruitment for one year when caught committing these violations, with the fine increased to SR30,000 and SR100,000, and the recruitment ban extended for two years and five years, respectively, when the violation is committed the second and third time. An official said the ministry regularly inspects establishments, and has received complaints from workers if they are made to work for firms other than their sponsors. Reported or detected violations are referred to the Ministry of Interior for legal recourse.
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