GHMC creates portal to slap e-Challans on offenders

GHMC creates portal to slap e-Challans on offenders

Hyderabad, Nov.16 (NSS): The EV&DM Department of GHMC today created a portal Central Emergency Cell (CEC), to generate e- challans to impose penalties and fines on civic offenders like throwing C&D waste, Garbage, open urination etc.

Addressing the media, Mayor, Dr .Bonthu Rammohan said, as part of providing clean environment to the citizens, one of the exercises that they should take up was to check littering Garbage, C&D waste, wall writing, wall poster and banners in corporation limits. He said that the GHMC took steps to levy fine on the offenders, through e- challan, which is pre-filled form having categories of offence, and fine is levied automatically according to the nature of offence . He said that the challan would consists, details of violation with photos and videos. He also said that the e-challan has many features like, contact less, foolproof, cannot be edited or deleted and cash less transaction. He said that once the challan was generated and the copy was served on the offender he has to pay the challan fee in the office or on line.

He said that In order to sensitive the citizens to keep surrounding clean and to keep hygienic environment, the GHMC conducted a special drive on waste material and collected 235 metric tonnes of various kinds of waste material in 10 days and added that it was proposed to take special drive on C&D in similar manner.

Further elaborating on the e-challans, thr Director of EV&MD Vishwajit explained that the system was developed in such a way that once e-challan was generated there was no scope to alter or edit or delete and added that every precaution was taken in such a way that there was no scope for any type of allegation or discrepancies.

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