GHMC waiting for dry spell to fix roads in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Faced with criticism over poor condition of roads in the city, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is waiting for the rain gods to relent before launching extensive road repairs. The civic body, however, will continue to fill potholes across Hyderabad.

For the last few days, instant pothole repairing machines and monsoon emergency teams were busy identifying potholes in different areas and filling them up instantly. “But, to launch major repair works on main roads and thoroughfares, we need the rains to stop and weather to be dry for a while,” GHMC Commissioner DS Lokesh Kumar said.

Due to heavy rains, which were lashing the city for the last few days, many roads, including those in residential areas, are damaged severely. GHMC was receiving complaints of bad roads from different areas across the city. Till last week, over 3,600 potholes were identified and most of them were filled. Under the periodical preventive maintenance works, already first layer of re-carpeting, covering 610 km road network, was completed against the targeted 830 km, he said.

Hot mix plants, which supply bitumen mixed with metal, need dry weather for optimum functioning. Though, the plants are capable of supplying nearly 70 truckloads, not much of bitumen is being supplied due to the current weather conditions, the GHMC Commissioner said.

“As bitumen does not mix with water, even if a fresh layer is re-carpeted over the damaged portion of a road, it will get washed away. The entire exercise turns futile,” he said.

Meanwhile, GHMC is intensifying plans to offer 687 km main road network in the city to private agencies under the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). The proposal was approved by the standing committee and a couple of meetings were conducted with contractors. As part of AMC, the agencies will be responsible for maintenance of the identified road medians and pavements, and more importantly, filling potholes.

Agencies, which quote the lowest bids for maintenance under AMC, will be offered the contracts. Under AMC, it is being proposed to entrust the responsibility of road maintenance to private agencies for a period of five years.

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