Good News: Hyderabad’s tap water second safest in India

Good News: Hyderabad’s tap water second safest in India

HYDERABAD (Rahnuma): Tap water is supplied to Hyderabad households is the second safest for drinking in India, according to a report released by Union consumer affairs minister Ram Vilas Paswan. The report cited Mumbai’s tap water as the safest in the country.

Delhi’s water is the worst among 21 big cities, according to the report based on sample tests done by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

According to the report, only one of the samples in Hyderabad failed on the safety parameters during tests carried out in laboratories.

The samples were tested on 28 parameters as prescribed for drinking water standards of BIS notified in 2012.

Releasing the report, Paswan said, “We have been working on the task to carry out sample tests to sensitize people and agencies concerned about people’s fundamental right to get clean and safe drinking water. This issue should not be politicized as all of us are concerned about lives.”

The report showed that in most cases samples across cities failed on parameters of total dissolve solids (TDS), turbidity, total hardness, total alkalinity, minerals and metals, and presence of of coliform and E Coli, which can cause severe illness.


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