Google rolls out ‘More results’ in Search for mobile users

San Francisco: Google has officially rolled out a “More results” feature in its Search for mobile users that will allow them to load additional search results beyond the first set that are displayed.

“We’ve launched a new “More results” button that makes it easier & faster to get more search results on mobile.

Now additional listings load below the ones already being viewed, rather than the old “Next” button that would load an entirely new page,” Google’s Danny Sullivan tweeted via @SearchLiaison late on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Sullivan had confirmed Google was running a test on the new “More results” button.

“The ‘More results’ button will appear for searchers using the Google app for iOS & Android or major mobile web browsers other than Chrome for iOS — support for that is coming,” the tweete further said.

The new button will load organic results first and then display ads relevant to them, Google added.

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