Governor Urged to Acknowledge Front as a Single Entity

Hyderabad, Dec.10 (NSS): The  Praja Front partners comprising Congress, TDP, TJS and CPI  on Monday informed  the Governor ESL Narasimhan that they have entered in to a pre-poll alliance and  collectively  fought the  Assembly elections as a  front,  and urged him to acknowledge the  alliance.

TPCC president N Uttam Kumar Reddy, Telangana TDP president L. Ramana, TJS president M. Kodandaram and CPI State secretary Ch Venkat Reddy called on the Governor at Rajbhavan and submitted a representation to this effect. In the representation, the Opposition leaders informed the Governor that the four political parties had come to a pre-poll understanding and formed the People’s Front to contest the elections. They also said the People’s Front consisting of the four political parties, and also MRPS and Mana Inti Party,  contested in the Assembly elections held on December 7.
The leaders have further told the Governor that they were going to form the next government in the State in a collective manner.  Uttam Kumar Reddy, speaking to media later, said: “We told the Governor that we will continue to work together as an alliance partners and run the government according to the common agenda submitted by us to the Election Commission of India.

He said that they met the Governor, after seeing the discussions going on  between some political parties, to form an alliance after the results were out. The leaders have informed  the Governor,  that if the front jointly gets the majority seats, he  has to invite them to form the Government in the State, as per the Supreme Court verdict in many instances. He also said that they have urged the Governor to provide adequate security to front candidates who wins the election.

Prof Kodandaram said   the alliance is sure to  get majority. He said that the Sarkaria Commission had  clearly said that the pre-poll alliance should be acknowledged while inviting any party to form the Government.  L Ramana said that the people have reposed faith in the front. He alleged that the TRS had misused the official machinery during the elections. (NSS)

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