Governor’s Intervention Highlights Govt Failure–BJP

Hyderabad, Oct.18 (NSS): Krishna Sagar Rao,  BJP Chief spokes person, today  welcomed the initiative taken by Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundaryarajan and directing the Government to take all measures necessary to restore public transportation to normalcy. Governor’s intervention highlights the failure and mishandling of Chief Minister KCR and his government in dealing with a simple issue of a legal strike by RTC employees, which now has snowballed into a massive confrontation with the  thorough mismanagement, he alleged.

He said BJP finds it disdainful that Chief Minister KCR has driven the entire state into a massive public transport nightmare for common people, with his personal attitude and incompetence. An issue which could have been easily resolved by discussion across the table, has now become a major stand-off between the RTC employee unions & state government.

BJP holds CM KCR and his government solely responsible for bringing the entire state transport system to a grinding halt in the last 14 days. The lives and livelihoods of millions of poor people, farmers, students and small employees are severely affected due to the arrogant and thoughtless decisions of  KCR, he lashed out.

The BJP leader also condemned the high-handedness of police in arresting the RTC union leaders this morning under the pretext of preventive detention before the State Bandh due on the 19 October.

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