Govt’s Aim is to Empower Fishermen Community–Talasani

Hyderabad, March 11 (NSS): State animal husbandry and fisheries minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav on Wednesday said that the main objective of the state government was to empower the fishermen community in the state.

Srinivas Yadav said this while replying to questions raised by members in the Stated Assembly on the lives of the fishermen, their development. The Minister said that the state government had launched the fish seed distribution program to increase the income levels of 30 lakh families of the fishermen in the state. He said that they had distributed 1.99 lakh fish seed during the year 2016-17, 2.7 lakh during 2017-18 and 2.94 lakh during 2018-19 to the fishermen . He said that they had conceived the scheme to ensure that each fishermen got Rs. 71,000 as income. Commenting on the cultivation of prawns, he said that they had launched it with 1.10 crore prawns and increased it to 5 crore so far. Yadav said that the fishermen had strengthened themselves economically.

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