Greek PM announces demolitions of 3,200 illegal buildings after deadly wildfire

Greek PM announces demolitions of 3,200 illegal buildings after deadly wildfire

ATHENS (Rahnuma) : At least 3,200 illegal constructions will be demolished in Attica region and more across Greece, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsirpas said on Tuesday after a meeting with ministers and local officials on the state’s preparation following the July 23 deadly wildfires.

The Greek leader did not give a precise timetable, but stressed that his government would take immediate action to correct mistakes and omissions of the past.

“Nothing and nobody will be forgotten,” Tsipras said at the Technological and Cultural Park of Lavrio port, Greek national news agency AMNA reported.

Furthermore, he promised an in-depth and comprehensive examination of the causes of the tragedy which resulted in over 90 casualties, dozens of injuries and the destruction of 70 percent of Mati coastal settlement, 30 kilometers east of Athens.

An ongoing judicial probe examines testimonies about lack of coordination between fire fighting forces, police and the local administration officials and survivors and experts stressed that no evacuation order was issued.

The government has also focused on the illegal fences on private properties which blocked the quick access of people to the sea.

“The chaos of unchecked construction that threatens human lives is no longer acceptable,” Tsipras said on Tuesday.

“Whatever harms forests and coasts, whatever threatens human lives, will be torn up. It is an obligation to those who died, but more than that, an obligation to the future generations,” he stressed.

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