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Gulf Flight Safety Council concludes meeting in Dhahran

Author: MOHAMMED AL-SULAMISun, 2017-04-09 02:27ID: 1491683525761233900JEDDAH: Aviation safety is important for passengers, pilots, supervisors and operators, Prince Fahd bin Mishaal, president of the Aviation Association for GCC countries said Thursday at the Gulf Flight Safety Council (GFSC) meeting.The conference was hosted by Saudi Aramco and represented by the Aramco Aviation Administration in Dhahran.“These meetings are aimed at greater coordination and cooperation among the aviation operators in the GCC countries. We are pleased with this first participation in the association. We have benefited from the presentations made and the discussions held at this meeting. The association seeks to serves aviation enthusiasts and its staff for the benefit of all,” stressed Prince Fahd.At the meeting, a number of topics were discussed, including the operation of aviation safety systems, the need for enhanced training and maintenance of aviation safety systems, the new challenges in the aviation industry, measures to reduce the number of aviation accidents and pilots employment.“Aviation safety is important for everyone, whether they are operators, passengers or workers. This meeting held in the Kingdom for the first time comes to discuss the challenges in the industry, aviation safety and ways to improve it in the region as a whole,” Captain Fahd Sindi said.
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