Gutha launches scathing attack on BJP, Congress

Gutha launches scathing attack on BJP, Congress

Hyderabad, Sept 19 (INN): Telangana Legislative Council Chairman Gutha Sukhender Reddy on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on both the BJP government and the Congress party.

Beginning with the BJP, Sukhender Reddy accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of misleading the people of Telangana and making inflammatory remarks about the creation of Telangana state back in 2014. He challenged Modi to specify when and where blood was spilled in the formation of Telangana, as the Prime Minister had claimed in his speech.

He further alleged that the BJP was making false promises to woo voters, pointing to its past resolution in Kakinada and the delay in introducing the Women’s Bill over the past nine years. He accused the BJP of introducing new bills with an election-focused agenda, aiming to counter their opposition.

Sukhender Reddy also targeted the Congress, alleging that Sonia Gandhi made false statements at a recent public meeting in Tukkuguda. He criticized the Congress for introducing six schemes, calling them deceptive, and asked why these weren’t implemented in Congress-ruled states. He further claimed that Congress simply mimicked the BRS schemes. He challenged Mallikarjuna Kharge to address alleged corruption within the Congress government and its supposed money laundering activities.

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