Hakaya Misk encourages young Saudi people to express ideas through art

Hakaya Misk encourages young Saudi people to express ideas through art

RIYADH (Rahnuma): The Initiatives Center at the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Foundation (Misk) is to launch the Hakaya Misk 2019 initiative at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center on Tuesday.

The event will run from Nov. 5 to 11 as part of Riyadh Season, attracting the participation of leaders and creatives in the field of visual production. Prominent individuals and local and international companies from the world of production and directing will be participating.

The initiative aims to attract local young talents in the fields of artistic creation, provide a suitable environment for developing and refining these talents, and transferring them to more professional levels through cooperation with leading creative international bodies.

Hakaya Misk allows creative young people to open channels of communication with professionals to develop their talents and learn about the latest developments in their fields. It also enables them to get inspired, teaches them the mechanisms to turn ideas into tangible and achievable steps, and encourages them to begin to implement their ideas by introducing them to innovative methods.

Hakaya Misk project manager Ziad Al-Shibl said that this year’s Hakaya event was distinct. “Hakaya Misk puts forward the journey of creative scene making in a new concept and with innovative sections, transforming visitors from silent viewers to interactive participants who realize what is happening around them in the filmmaking industry,” he added.

He said that Hakaya Misk 2019 would take visitors to an advanced level of capabilities and mechanisms in scene making with the participation of major international and local companies.

Al-Shibl said: “The workshops at Hakaya Misk vary to focus more on providing hands-on experience. It aims to equip visitors with knowledge in the field of scene making provided by several specialized companies and academies. Visitors can either participate in interactive workshops or watch what is happening from the viewers’ hall.”

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