Hakaya Misk supports Saudi Arabia’s young creative talents

Hakaya Misk supports Saudi Arabia’s young creative talents

RIYADH (Rahnuma)The Initiatives Center at the Mohammed bin Salman Charitable Foundation (Misk), represented by the Hakaya Misk initiative, has announced its support for the young talents and creative minds of the Kingdom.

The center urges people with inspiring ad ideas to submit them so they can receive support and direction. The events of Hakaya Misk initiative will end on Monday after having provided more than 350 workshops.

The center’s announcement about supporting inspiring ideas in ads came during a dialogue session on the Hakaya Misk platform.

The session, “TV Ads … Values and Ambition,” discussed the ad industry at the local and international level, within the framework of preserving and respecting values, and the appropriateness of ad content with the traditions and values of the society where they are broadcast.

Mohammed Al-Hamad, one of the pioneers who established the ad market in Saudi Arabia, talked about the art of producing TV ads and their phases, from coming up with the idea to production and direction.

Al-Hamad said ad ideas should be creative and at the same time “respectful of the values of our Islamic society.”
“There are some genius ideas worldwide but they contravene our culture and customs, and therefore cannot be applied here,” he said.

Hakaya Misk was launched on Tuesday within the Riyadh Season events. It includes several sections that cover preparations for pre-production, production, post-production, young producers, the Hakaya market, platforms, Hakaya media, food trucks, discussion sessions and movie shows.

More than 70 workshops were held on Saturday, along with dialogue sessions and other segments, during which visitors listened to the story of the Great Gatsby, which was made into the popular movie.

In the Arab segment, Dr. Eid Al-Yehya talked about his experience in Retracing Arab Footsteps, the “Ala Khota Al-Arab” documentary show, while Peter Kober talked about Manga animation experiences.

Saudi director Amer Al-Hamood spoke about the direction process, from script to the screen. The events on Saturday concluded with a dialogue session presented by Bruce Logan in which he talked about the advertising journey of cinema movies.

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