Hamas calls on PNA to lift sanctions on Gaza

GAZA, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) — Islamic Hamas movement on Monday called on the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to lift the sanctions, which Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas imposed on the Gaza Strip in June.

Khalil al-Hayyah, deputy chief of Hamas in Gaza told a news conference that the PNA and Abbas Fatah Party should stop linking between lifting the sanctions and enabling the PNA consensus government to take full control in the Gaza Strip.

“Hamas has been always flexible towards reconciliation and will be so. We don’t regret for what we did and we will carry on with reconciliation,” said al-Hayyah.

Last week, Hamas, Abbas Fatah Party and 11 other Palestinian factions held a round of two-day broader reconciliation dialogue, which failed to discuss or resolve crucial issues to end more than ten years of internal Palestinian split.

“We went to Cairo in accordance to October 12 reconciliation agreement to discuss all issues of reconciliation which were mentioned in Cairo agreement signed in May 2011,” he said, adding “but Fatah had different opinion.”

On October 12, Hamas and Fatah signed an agreement in Cairo, where part of it was implemented, which is related to handing over all ministries and crossing points to the consensus government of Hamdallah.

However, the government complained that security is still in the hands of Hamas, where disputes and arguments between the two rival groups went up to the surface. The ministry of interior is the only ministry that still in the grip of Hamas.

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