Harish Rao slams Congress manifesto for lack of understanding of State’s needs

Harish Rao slams Congress manifesto for lack of understanding of State’s needs

Hyderabad, Nov 20 : Finance Minister T Harish Rao today criticized the Congress party’s election manifesto, calling it “ill-conceived and out of touch with the realities of Telangana.”

Addressing a meeting of the Gurukal Parents Association in Siddipet, Harish Rao said that the Congress leaders “seem to have no understanding of the needs and aspirations of the people of Telangana.”

“They have made promises in their manifesto without even taking a detailed look at the state’s situation,” he alleged. “They are not even aware of what our government has already done for the welfare of the people.”

Harish Rao specifically pointed to the Congress’s promise to establish Gurukal schools, stating that the Chandrashekhar Rao Government has already made significant progress in this area.

“The Congress ruled Telangana for 60 years but only established 268 Gurukal schools,” he said. “In contrast, our government has increased the number of Gurukal schools to over 1,000, providing quality education to over 6 lakh students.”

Harish Rao also highlighted the KCR government’s initiatives in healthcare, noting that it has started knee replacements and liver transplants in government hospitals, making these life-saving procedures accessible to the poor.

“The Congress has promised to provide knee replacements in government dispensaries, but we have been doing that for several years now,” he said. “We have also expanded organ transplant services to include liver, kidney, and other organs.”

Harish Rao further asserted that the BRS government is committed to providing equal opportunities for all sections of society, including the upper castes.

“Our Chief Minister has promised in his manifesto to establish Gurukal schools for upper caste students in all 119 assembly constituencies,” he said. “We are determined to ensure that every child in Telangana has access to quality education, regardless of their caste or background.”

Harish Rao urged the people of Telangana to reject the Congress’s “hollow promises” and vote for the BRS in the upcoming elections.

“Our government has a proven track record of delivering on its promises,” he said. “We have consistently worked for the welfare of all sections of society, and we will continue to do so if we are re-elected.”

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