Harish ridicules PM Modi’s Achche Din slogan, predicts end of saffron rule soon

Minister for Finance & Health T Harish Rao

Hyderabad, March 30 (NSS): Minister for Finance & Health T Harish Rao today slammed the Narendra Modi government at Centre over skyrocketing prices of medicines in the country. Ridiculing the BJP slogan “Achche Din” for the poor and middle class people, Harish Rao quipped that the BJP’s slogan is totally wrong as common man was facing “Days of Death” due to its plan to hike he prices of medicines.

Harish Rao said it is atrocious that the Modi government was deciding to raise the prices of life-saving medicines by 12 per cent in the country. “It is nothing, but the Centre’s decision to hike the life-saving medicines by 12% will be a death blow to the poor and middle-class people in the country. He said the medicines used for curing fever, infections, BP, skin diseases, anaemia, pain killers, anti-biotics among 800 essential medicines will be a heavy burden to the poor and middle class people if the Union government goes ahead with its decision. “It seems the BJP government is bent upon putting the common man to trouble”, he added.

He also said whenever there is a chance, the Union government was trying to break backbones of the common people by hiking the prices of petroleum products like petrol, diesel and cooking gas. “Ultimately, the Narendra Modi government at the Centre was getting ready to increase even the prices of essential medicines for the common man. “It’s most painful and heinous step”, he said and ridiculed the BJP’s Amrit time? He also felt that the days of the BJP government at the Centre are fast nearing in the country.

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