Harish sets Double Hat-trick in polls: Also Record Majority of 1,19,622 votes

Hyderabad, Dec.11 (NSS): TRS leader and caretaker minister, T Harish Rao today set a new record by winning the election  with a huge  majority of 1,19,622 votes,   from Siddipet constituency in the Assembly polls. He got a whopping 80 per cent of votes from the segment and clinched the mandate.

This is second Hat-trick for Harish who has won the polls for six consecutive times in the past 14 years. Thus the TRS flag unfurled again on the strong bastion in Sidhipet and thanks to his services that got a suitable response from the people. Speaking to reporters, Harish said that he is indebted to the people for trusting him again and reposing faith in him. “I will serve the people till the end of my life” he said   and thanked them for their persistent support.

It may be mentioned  here that  another caretaker minister KT Rama Rao,  on the day of polling,  has said that Harish Rao will win with one  lakh votes majority and he (KTR)  will get at least 50000 votes majority  from Sricilla He even congratulated Harish for the victory in advance.

Harish has been in politics by winning as MLA since 2004. He won  the  election in 2004 with 24,594 votes majority, 2008 bye- polls with 58000 majority, 2009 general elections with 64,667 votes majority, 2010 bye- polls with 93,858 majority, 2014 general polls with 95,328 majority and 2018 early polls with 1,19,622 votes majority. Harish Rao’s opponents lost their deposits in five times.(NSS)

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