Haryana BJP candidate seeks votes with shoe on his head

Haryana BJP candidate seeks votes with shoe on his head

Chandigarh, Oct 11 (IANS) Jagdish Nayar, the BJP candidate from Hodal (reserved) constituency in Palwal district of Haryana, is seeking votes for the October 21 Assembly elections by placing a shoe on his head.

The reason: he is trying to pacify a community that is aghast at him over his controversial remark against them.

Nayar however, denies that he ever use any derogatory remark against any community, mainly residing in Aurangabad village.

“I am trying to convince the voters that if I get elected I will serve them like a servant,” he told the media.

Congress candidate Uday Bhan, who is seeking a re-election, describes Nayar’s action as drama aiming at grab attention. “He is facing a stiff opposition for many reasons,” he adds.

Earlier known as Hassanpur, the constituency was renamed Hodal in 2009. Primarily a rural constituency, its biggest urban area Hodal town lacks basic amenities.

In the 2014 Assembly elections, all three seats in Palwal district, including Hodal, were won by parties other than the BJP.

Lack of facilities like electricity, water and roads, besides inadequate educational and health infrastructure are the most common reason for resentment in all the villages and towns.

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