Historians and Heritage Activists aims to restore Historic Hillfort Palace in Hyderabad

Hill Fort Palace of Hyderabad

Hyderabad (Rahnuma) The palaces that once stood tall and beautiful in the great city of Hyderabad are unknown to many who are a part of Hyderabad’s great Heritage. Many of us have never heard of the beautiful heritage of Hyderabad and as such many of us do not know about the beautiful Hill Fort Palace of Hyderabad that even today is an idea of artistic beauty and charm.

Heritage activist Deepak Gir, a man passionate about his beautiful city and the founder of ‘Hyderabad Heritage Trust’ had arranged a walk this sunday, 4 August to the ever glorious Hill Fort Palace and many of those who joined him on this journey were in awe of its beauty. Even through the degradation one can see the beauty and unrealised potential of the palace.

Historians and Heritage Activists at Historic Hillfort Palace in Hyderabad

Mr.Deepak Gir considers himself to be a family and spiritual man and so he understands the value of traditions and heritage and what weight it carries in the world. Deepak Gir founded Hyderabad Heritage Trust with the sole intention of preserving the beautiful heritage of Hyderabad and reviving what has been lost due to recklessness and ignorance.

Also present at the event was Heritage Curator Dr Haseeb Jafferi who spoke to the guests about the original owner who with great passion built the beautiful palace, Nawab Nizamat Jung, whose life long passion had been Poetry and that very passion serves as an inspiration for today’s generation and hopefully for the next.

Hill Fort Palace of Hyderabad

The graceful Hill Fort Palace that today is defined as a symbol that pays homage to the great legacy of a home that was witness to bewitching poetry and prose of exceptional occupants was built in the year 1915 by Nawab Nizamat Jung, who was a Chief Justice in the government of Nizam. The architecture of the palace is inspired by Trinity College, Cambridge. After the palace was vacated by Nizamat Jung, it was purchased by Asaf Jay VII for his son Prince Moazzam Jah.

The palace once heard the beautiful and auspicious voice of Akhtari bai Faizabadi who was a regular visiting artist patronised by Prince Moazzam Jah. Many kings and queens and noble men visited the palace on a regular back in its glory days.

Hill Fort Palace of Hyderabad in past

In the year 2000, after the the Ritz hotel company who was granted the palace on lease by the Indian Government in 1955 ceased to operate, the palace was then leased to Varsha Hillfort Resorts private Limited. But in the year 2006 the state terminated the lease on the basis of Varsha Limited not fulfilling the terms of agreement it had signed with the state and after a long legal battle the Government regained control of the beautiful Palace. Since then the palace has not received the much needed care and attention even though it can be turned into one of the most beautiful tourism spot in the State of Telangana.

The palace is in dire need of attention as it received very little care in the past few decades. Many analysts say that the structure of the Palace is strong and can receive international praise if minor damages is fixed and the palace is brought back to past glory.

As now the world is attentive towards the past and tourism is booming around the world, the government and the people must take an initiative to rebuild the structures that are part of our culture and heritage that serves as an inspiration for the future of our generation. People like Deepak Gir and Dr. Haseeb Jafferi must be cherished and heard by the people as leaders such as them are responsible for taking our beautiful and uniting Culture and Heritage forward.

Hill Fort Palace of Hyderabad in past
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