Historic mud palace still takes pride of place in Najran region

Historic mud palace still takes pride of place in Najran region

NAJRAN (Rahnuma): The fast-growing Saudi city of Najran still retains its cultural traditions and rich heritage through its famed shrubberies and historic mud houses on the edges of its famous valley.

Al-Aan Palace, with its unique style of construction and ornate white edges, remains one of the most splendid architectural gems in the region.

The spectacular structure was built of mud in 1688 and sits on top of Al-Aan mountain, guarding the old city. The palace was named after its village location and includes observation towers, main gates, and a fence rising up to seven meters.

Al-Aan Palace overlooks the famous Wadi Najran, historical Raoum tower and mountain, as well as a number of attractive villages and palm plantations.

Encouraged by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) and Najran provincial authorities, local residents take pride in preserving the old buildings and mud castles and houses, which in turn helps to support the region’s tourism economy.

Saleh Mohammed Al-Marih, director general of the SCTH in Najran, said that Al-Aan Palace was one of the most prominent visitor destinations in the region, and noted that the building had undergone a major revamp by its owners as part of a national initiative to restore historical properties.

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