BJP MP from Nizamabad Arvind Dharmapuri

Nizamabad, March 31 (NSS): In the name of Turmeric farmers, the hoardings mocking BJP MP from Nizamabad Arvind Dharmapuri for not fulfilling his poll promise of setting up a Turmeric board in the region were put up across the district on Friday.

During 2019 general elections, Arvind Dharmapuri, along with Union Minister Rajnath Singh and Ram Madhav, had promised to set up a Turmeric Board for farmers in Nizamabad. However, Union Minister of State for Commerce & Industry Anupriya Patel on Wednesday revealed that there was no proposal to establish a spice-specific board, including a Turmeric Board, in the country. Protesting against the Union government’s failure to honour the promise of setting up turmeric board, the farmers initiated a unique protest against the BJP leadership and put up posters across the district.

Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) leaders reminded that BJP leader Arvind had even promised on a judicial bond paper that he would prevail upon the Union Government and get the turmeric board approved within five days of winning the elections in 2019. The BJP MP also promised that he would resign if he failed to get the turmeric board for the benefit of farmers. However, despite repeated pleas from the Telangana government and farmers, the Union government has been rejecting the appeals, citing different reasons.

Reminding the Nizamabad MP of his poll promise, posters and hoardings mocking the BJP, with Telugu text read, ‘Turmeric Board, Turmeric Board brought by our Nizamabad MP’, surfaced across the district. Meanwhile, Kalvakuntla Kavitha, BRS MLC, and former Nizamabad MP, questioned the sitting BJP MP Arvind Dharmapuri about his promises to bring the turmeric board to the district in the year 2022. Kavitha said Arvind had been unsuccessful in convincing the Union government to set up a turmeric board in the district. In light of disclosures produced using an RTI, Kavitha asked the BJP Nizamabad MP the justification for denying the farmers and people of Nizamabad their basic dues.

She also said that the MP was making exaggerated claims about the allocation of Rs 100 crore when, under his administration, every farmer only received Rs 200 from the turmeric board. Kavitha recalled MP Arvind and the BJP’s lofty but erroneous promises to the Nizamabad people to just win an election and tamper with their hopes and needs. The fresh posters and hoardings highlighted Aravind’s empty promises and his failure to secure one turmeric board for the farmers of Nizamabad.

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