Hone skills to bag decent jobs, KTR tells students

Mahabubnagar, June 8 (NSS):  Minister for IT and Industries KT Rama Rao on Thursday counselled the students on honing their various skills with a view to getting a decent job.

Speaking after laying the foundation for Cyient Foundation’s Rural Micro Skill Development Centre in the town here on Thursday and handing over job offer letters to 120 girls, who secured jobs after undergoing training at Cyient, the Minister said that students should not be in a fear mindset and should always focus on improving their skills which ultimately provide the lucrative job opportunities.

“Once you develop your skills, you can survive anywhere in the world. So that, your focus should be always on improving skills and it should not be stopped till reach of your goal ,” KT Rama Rao advised the students.

He also pointed out that prior to 2014, the red tapism was rampant in the combined Andhra Pradesh. After the formation of Telangana State, the situation has completely changed and the State government led by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar has laid a red carpet for investors to set up their units in the State.

During the last nine years, The Telangana State is able to supply 24 hours of quality power to industrial, agricultural and domestic sectors. IT exports rose from Rs.56,000 crores in 2014 to Rs.2.40 lakh crores in 2023. Similarly,  the number of employees working in the IT sector increased from 3.23 lakhs to 9.05 lakhs in Telangana. Looking at any sector, the Telangana is progressing ahead compared to other States in India, KTR pointed out. (NSS)

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