‘Honey! I sank the Indian Economy’ is Jaitley’s bumper sticker: Congress

[India], October 24 (ANI): The Congress on Tuesday launched a scathing attack at Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and alleged that his policies have sunk the economy.

Speaking to ANI, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said, “The fact is if the Indian economy was a wish horse then the finance minister would have rode it. In the past 41 months, Arun Jaitley has created a new bumper sticker and it reads as ‘Honey! I sank the Indian Economy’; so therefore the finance minister is trying to make excuses for his complete mishandling the Indian economy,” referring to the Hollywood movie of the 80s – sci-fi comedy – ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’.

Tewari’s statement came soon after Arun Jaitley vigorously substantiated the robustness of the Indian economy, earlier in the day.

‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ is about a scientist whose ambitious experiment goes wrong and ends up shrinking his children to miniature size.

Further lashing out at Arun Jaitley, an unimpressed Tewari claimed that these measures were aimed to fool people.

“The economy is on an absolute free fall and all these lucrative schemes, which he has announced are basically directed at and again trying to fool the people before the Gujarat Elections. Arun Jaitley should acknowledge that he has failed as a finance minister and has also sunk the Indian economy. Nothing after this will be able to save him from the ire of the people whether it is the ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ or it is the ‘faulty demonetisation’,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Jaitley said that India has remained as the world’s fastest growing economy for the past three years, thus maintaining very strong economic fundamentals with a progressive growth story.

“There are strong macroeconomic fundamentals,” the Finance Minister said, while addressing a media conference.

“We will report on the situation as they develop. A lot of internal meetings on the state of economy internally within the ministry were held. Discussions were also held with the prime minister. But India has remained one of the fastest growing economies in the world,” he added.

Adding to this, Jaitley said that government has decided on the steps needed to sustain the growth momentum. (ANI)

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