Huzurabad voters will support TRS: Harish Rao

Hyderabad, Oct.26 (NSS): The Finance Minister T Harish Rao today expressed hope that the Huzruabad voters will surely support the TRS Candidate Gellu Srinivas Yadav in the polls. He conducted the campaign at the segment and wooed the voters for more development. Harish Rao urged the people in the segment to keep various development programs in view by the TRS Government. The Minister alleged that Etela Rajender failed to develop the segment when he was minister. Only to protect his assets he joined the BJP, he charged.

He expressed displeasure that the EC stalled the Dalit Bandhu scheme which was a previous scheme. He asked the people who attended the meeting whether the EC can be stopped after Nov 4. It will be continued after that and all the SCs in the segment will get the benefits, he vowed. He asked as to why the people will vote Rajender in the polls when he failed to develop. If he wins Rajender will benefit and if the TRS candidate wins he will work for segment development with government support.

He listed out the list of welfare schemes and benefits reaching out to various poor, SCs, BCs and other sections. On the lines of Rythu Bandhu, CM will implement Dalit Bandhu after Nov 4 after poll code completion. The minister slammed that the BJP stalled the Dalit Bandhu and the EC for temporarily stalling it. However the EC cannot stop it afterwards, the minister claimed.

We used to visit this village Singapur for several development programs and poll campaigns, Harish Rao said. Harish Rao further said that both Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, himself and several others of the TRS used to visit the segment. The villagers should support us and provide us food when we come here and will work for development, he said.

MLA Balka Suman also charged that the BJP Government was against the BCs and SCs. Dalit Bandhu was stalled by the EC at the behest of Modi Government he alleged. The people will teach a lesson to the BJP for duping them with more charges, he said.

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