Hyderabad comes alive during Milad-un-Nabi Celebrations

Hyderabad comes alive during Milad-un-Nabi Celebrations

Hyderabad (Rahnuma) The streets of Hyderabad are never quiet, bustling with activity all through the year, the increased fervour only brings out more colour and life. As Hyderabad will celebrate Milad-un-Nabi, the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) on 10 November, Sunday, the change in the atmosphere can’t be missed.

Whether it’s the ubiquitous green flags planted at every place possible or the ‘Nath’ (Hymns in praise of Prophet)  playing all day, Milad-un-Nabi brings with it a tone which can be felt by anyone visiting the old city of Hyderabad. The signs that a festival is on is visible right from Nampally road, where the traditional green flags with the crescent moon are on display everywhere.

Hyderabad comes alive during Milad-un-Nabi Celebrations

And as one gets closer to the Charminar, the religious fervor only increases, with an overt display of banners welcoming the devout, and more paraphernalia on sale at different places. However, unlike Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha, Milad-un-Nabi is not a festival, but a celebration of Prophet Mohammed’s Bith, life and his teachings.

This is also the time when sales of flags, LED serial bulbs and other illumination material increase. To mark the occasion, various religious organizations have been organizing meetings at mosques, seminaries, and in colonies for the last 10 days. “Religious scholars from across the country have been invited to deliver sermons. Quiz and ‘Nath’ competitions for children were also organized.” says a Mohammed Habib, a social worker and Heritage curator.

This day a grand religious meeting called “Yaum e Rahmatullil Alameen” will be organized by Majlis-Tamir-e-Millat at Nizam College grounds at 9 a.m, while several grand religious processions to mark this day from Mecca masjid, Charminar. Blood donation camps and other charitable activities are going to be organized at various places in the city.

The Insaan Foundation will also organize a grand blood donation camp on this eve, as it does every year to mark the ”significance of giving” taught by the Holy Prophet, this blood donation camp is specifically to help Thalassemia kids and patients suffering from cancer. The camp starts by 10 in the morning at Prime function hall, new mallapally, Hyderabad.

”Through this Blood donation camp, we intend to give a strong message to the society that, our dearest Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) had taught us to love and care for all fellow human beings.” said Osman Mohammed Khan the organizer of this blood camp.

Grand blood donation camp by Insaan Foundation
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