Hyderabad: Ministry of Defence says all roads are open

Hyderabad (Rahnuma): With the controversy over roads being closed in the Secunderabad Cantonment area raging on, the Ministry of Defence on Wednesday clarified on the situation in a series of tweets.

The tweets, which were from the official account of the Public Relations Officer for the MoD in Hyderabad, said the military roads were open to all light vehicle traffic.

“No one is stopped if the person can produce a valid ID like Aadhar or Driving license. The authority to pose restrictions on movement by the army is enshrined in the court judgement of 26.9. 2014,” it said, going on to say that the authority of the Defence forces on Defence establishments, areas and roads was unquestioned in numerous court judgments.

All gates were monitored with CCTVs for ensuring security and smooth flow of traffic keeping training and movements in mind. At the same time, the Ministry also said that in spite of a number of “provocative situations where sentries are threatened and verbal subjugation”, the sentries have behaved with “utmost humility and respect for citizens”.

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