Hyderabad Rains: Osman Sagar gates likely to be opened as FTL reaches full capacity

Hyderabad, Oct 21 (INN): Slum dwellers have been asked by Rajendra Nagar Revenue Division Officer K Chandrakala to remain alert as Osman Sagar floodgates will open at any time.

Chandrakala asked the authorities to take precautionary steps and to raise awareness of the sensitivity of the situation among people living in downstream colonies and slums. The river Musi’s water level has reached an unprecedented level.

The revenue officer asked the authorities to evacuate families living in low lying areas to safe locations.Osman Sagar ‘s maximum tank level (FTL) is about to reach its full capacity of 1790 feet because of the heavy rains.

“The current level of the reservoir has reached 1786 feet in the catchment area. “After touching 1789 feet depending on inflows, there is a possibility of opening flood gates at Osman Sagar at any time,” said K Chandrakala, Revenue Divisional Officer, Rajendra Nagar Division.

Meanwhile, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has requested that the official machinery be on high alert to ensure that heavy rains and flash floods do not breach tanks and lakes in Hyderabad district.

In order to inspect the tanks in the city from time to time, he asked the officials to form at least 15 special teams to be formed and take the requisite steps to avoid any accidental accidents.

The CM also spoke to Rajat Kumar, Principal Secretary of the Department of Water Resources, and gave a set of instructions.

Hyderabad has had heavy rains that in the last hundred years have been unparalleled. This has contributed to strong inflows of floodwaters. Water from the tanks in surrounding areas also reached the city in addition to the floodwater in the city. Many of the water tanks are overflowing. The forecast from the Met department notes that there are chances of more heavy rains. Against this context, there should be a high warning for the entire official machinery,’ he said.

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