I’m ageing well: Kathleen Turner

 I’m ageing well: Kathleen Turner

Los Angeles, Jan 16 (IANS) Actress Kathleen Turner has shunned botox and plastic surgery because she does not want to end up like singer-actress Cher.

“Faye Dunaway once told me that if I did not start plastic surgery by the time I was 40, it would be too late. And I said, ‘Well fine, I won’t do it then.’ I don’t want to be a Cher, where my face never changes or moves. At the moment I think I’m ageing rather well,” Turner told mirror.co.uk

The “War of the Roses” star feels lucky she was only considered to be a sex symbol “for a while”.

“I was considered a sex symbol only for a while. I fought my way out of it very quickly. The power of my attractiveness for years was indeed an asset. But that did not control my choices at all,” she said.

Turner is disappointed that she is not taken as seriously as her male counterparts.

She said: “Some of my stories have dimmed. I’ve sometimes felt invisible but I think that’s not limited to being an actress. A lot of older women feel that. We’re not taken as seriously as many men. But I have found, in a way, it’s mostly exciting. I love teaching.

“I do master classes in universities. And I love directing. This past year doing a full-length cabaret for the first time was a whole new area to explore. There will come a time when I may not physically be able to do eight shows a week. Fine. I will teach more. Write more books.”

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