Imran Khan: ‘Our desire for peace should not be considered as our weakness’

Imran Khan: ‘Our desire for peace should not be considered as our weakness’
Imran Khan: ‘Our desire for peace should not be considered as our weakness’

Pakistan, March 23, (Rahnuma): March 23 is an eminent day in our national history when the Muslims of the subcontinent set their goal of an independent country, following the ideals of Allama Iqbal.

On this day, under the leadership of the Father of the Nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Muslims of India decided to throw away the chains of slavery and establish a sovereign Muslim state to gain independence from the oppression of the Hindu majority.

Thus, on Aug. 14, 1947, Pakistan emerged on the map of the world as an independent Muslim state.

In Pakistan, people found their economic and social rights and religious freedom, of which they were deprived in the United India, and prevented the attempts being made to eliminate their cultural identity.

The vision of the March 23 resolution was to create a country where all citizens have equal rights and opportunities without any discrimination of caste and creed, and where they can practice their own culture and traditions and play a constructive role in the development of their country.

Today’s Pakistan is a new Pakistan. We are committed to making Pakistan a real Islamic welfare state and to establish a society which is based on empathy and compassion and where every citizen, without any discrimination, participates in the development of the country.

We look forward to having friendly and peaceful relations, based on equality, with our neighbors and wish to work together with them to alleviate poverty in South Asia and raise millions of people living in the region through development and prosperity.

But we also want to make it clear that our desire for peace should not be considered as our weakness. Pakistan reserves the right to take every step for its defense.

Thanks to Allah, the defense of Pakistan has become impregnable. We are proud of our brave armed forces.

Due to our courageous armed forces, the unmatched capabilities of national security institutions and their extraordinary sacrifices, the enemies of Pakistan have been defeated on every front.

Its practical demonstration was seen by the whole world during recent Indian aggression, and we have emerged stronger than ever.

On this auspicious day, we should not forget our Kashmiri brethren, who are facing the state terrorism of India and are forced to live under aggression.

We express solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir for their bravery and sacrifices and reiterate our commitment of political, diplomatic and moral support for the Kashmiri right of self-determination, at every forum in the world.

At this critical juncture of our history, we have to struggle hard to eliminate corruption from our society and achieve economic stability. We are facing difficult times but I want to assure you that our spirit is unwavering. What else do we need?

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