‘Indiramma Rajyam’ stands for ‘starvation and neglect’, says CM KCR

‘Indiramma Rajyam’ stands for ‘starvation and neglect’, says CM KCR

Alampur/Kolhapur, Nov 20 : Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao today lambasted Congress leaders for their “shameful” talk of establishing Indramaan Raj after coming to power, saying that the Indramma Rajyam was a period of “starvation and neglect.”

Addressing the Praja Aashirvaad Sabha at Alampur in Gadwal district, KCR said that the Congress ruled the state for over 50 years but failed to deliver on any meaningful development or public welfare initiatives. “The Congress never cared about the welfare of the poor,” he asserted. “The farmers were left to fend for themselves, with no irrigation projects or support. Thousands of farmers from the erstwhile Mahbubnagar district were forced to migrate to Mumbai and other parts of the country to earn a living as laborers.”

KCR contrasted the dismal record of the Congress with the achievements of the BRS government, highlighting the various schemes implemented to uplift the poor and marginalized sections of society.

“Every poor person in Telangana is getting three meals a day, thanks to our government’s welfare schemes,” he said. “We have also implemented the Rythu Bandhu scheme, which provides financial assistance to farmers.”

The Chief Minister also spoke out against the Modi government’s proposal to install meters on electricity used by farmers, calling it an “anti-farmer” move

“We have rejected the Centre’s proposal to protect the interests of our farmers,” he declared. “We are prepared to lose Rs 5,000 crore rather than burden our farmers with electricity charges.”

In a separate public meeting in Kollapur assembly constituency, KCR slammed both the Congress and the BJP for their lack of commitment to farmers’ welfare. “The Congress wants to give farmers only 3 hours of electricity instead of 24 hours free electricity, while the BJP wants to install meters and charge them for electricity,” he said. “It is now up to the farmers to decide who will fight for their interests.”

KCR urged the people of Telangana to carefully consider the track record of all parties before casting their votes in the upcoming elections.

“We have done a detailed review of the development and public welfare initiatives undertaken by our government in the last 10 years,” he said. “Compare our record with that of the Congress and other parties, and decide who has worked for the betterment of Telangana.”

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