International panel discusses Turkey, Saudi relations

International panel discusses Turkey, Saudi relations

ANKARA : Turkey and Saudi Arabia have deep-rooted relations and similar approaches on key regional issues, a panel heard Wednesday.

“Turkey-Saudi Arabia Media Meeting”, organized by the Directorate General of Press and Information (BYEGM), was held in capital Ankara.

The speakers focused on bilateral relations and enhancing media coverage.

Director General of BYEGM Mehmet Akarca opened the panel which drew participation from ambassadors of the two countries, journalists from Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Turkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) head Mehmet Savas Polat, Justice and Development (AK) Party deputy Yasin Aktay and Anadolu Agency Arabic News Editor Hasan Mekki and other international guests.

Speaking at the event, Akarca said more than 20 journalists from leading media outlets in Saudi Arabia and some journalists from the Islamic world had joined the panel.

Turkey’s ambassador in Riyadh Erdogan Kok praised relations between the two countries.

“Turkey and Saudi Arabia are two G20 member countries which have solid and deep-rooted, historical, cultural and political relations,” Kok said.

“Both countries have similar views and approaches on key regional issues,” he added.

Saudi ambassador in Ankara Walid bin Abdul Karim el-Khreiji pointed out that cooperation, especially in the media industry, is important for the development of bilateral relations.

Evaluating the approach of the two countries on regional issues, el-Khreiji said that the region is facing challenges.

“When we look at it politically, there are parallels between the views of Riyadh and Ankara,” he said.

El-Khreiji highlighted that the countries cooperate in the fields of ecnonomy, banking, telecommunications and energy as well as security and military.

The Saudi ambassador emphasized the importance of an objective media for both countries.

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