Interview with Dr. Nazima Afzal Nazaad

Interview with Dr. Nazima Afzal Nazaad

(RAHNUMA) Education is the driving force behind every activity of life, it has changed the status of human beings from darkness of illiteracy to the bright lights of literacy, it is one of the important parameters which shape human life towards success and progress orientation, with these lines we talk with Dr. Nazima Afzal Nazaad who has achieved a glorious success in the field of education and has acquired no. of degrees with the aim for serving society and wellbeing of human life.

Q1. Dr. Nazima can you throw some light on your educational background?

A1. Well, my journey of education has been started from school Maderse Nomania, Hanamkonda, Warangal, where I studied till fifth class (Jamate Panjum) later on I was admitted to Government Girls High School Machli Bazar with Urdu medium and the college Vanita Maha Vidyalaya Hyderabad is where I did my intermediate and graduation with commerce from Lal bahadur college Wgl, then I did masters in commerce in O.U and M.B.A with finance marketing and HR from the universities VMRF KINGSTON University and Fredrick Taylor University Respectively, P.H.D in management from Sri Satya Sai University of technology and medical sciences Bhopal, M.P and my LL.B from Sultan-ul-Uloom college of law Hyd, LL.M from Padala Ram Reddy college of law Hyd and my PG Diploma in IPR from Nalsar University of Law and I also did C.S.

Q2. Dr. Nazima Can you say something about your career?

A2. I started my career as a lecturer of commerce in Anwar-ul-Uloom college of commerce then I worked in the same college in the department of business administration, worked as an associate professor in ICDM Hyd and National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management (NITHM) Hyd, NDIIM and Al-Qurmoshi College of Business Management, Presently I am practicing in Supreme Court Of India under AOR Irshad Haneef for Writ petitions and SLP.

Q3. Dr. Nazima I am seeing that you are a member of many organizations can you please specify these?

A3. I am a member of the Bar Council and Member of exhibition Society and also the Member of Institute of Company Society.

Q4. Dr. Nazima I’m seeing that you have written no. of books and no. of articles in various journals and newspapers can you please specify these?

A4. I have written my first article in Urdu at the age of 11 years which was published in Rahnuma-e-Deccan, then I have written articles in Vanita college Magazine, “VANITA” and lal bahadur college magazine, “BAHADUR” I have written 100 articles in Awam Urdu Daily and 200 articles in Munsif and Sahara I have written 4 articles on various topics of law in Andhra Law Times and Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural university book on the topic of IPR, I have written many articles on management topic in global research analyst international journal of advance management ‘Indian Institute of Economics Book, etc.’.

I have written 5 books namely;

1. The BOMB Proof Manager 15th P approach
2.100% Economy
3. Strategic Re-Engineering with innovation for social welfare
4. Multiples of leadership vitamin A2Z approach
5. Re-engineering of marketing strategy

I have written 3 books in the field of law;

1. Redressal to consumer disputes ‘the consumer protection act 2019’
2. Corporate Governance for social welfare
3. Women in Islamic law

Q5. Dr. Nazima we are seeing here many welfare social activities which have been done by you, Can you specify that?

A5. I have written a booklet prior to Covid-19, the title of the booklet is ‘Life Retardation with Ebola Virus’ which was freely distributed amongst people, Doctors, and in various hospitals.

• I have delivered various lectures free of cost in various hospitals for purpose of improving the performances of doctors on various topics under the CME program in various hospitals like CARE, Muslim Maternity Hospital, and Niloufer Hospital.

Dr. Nazima, we are very glad to see such an amazing academic profile and your dedicated effort for the upliftment of society, which is really a great task which you have been doing -THANK YOU.

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