Int’l community must not be silent toward killing civilians in Gaza: Palestinian PM

Int’l community must not be silent toward killing civilians in Gaza: Palestinian PM

RAMALLAH, (Rahnuma): Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtaye on Monday urged the international community to provide the Palestinian people with international protection and prevent the possibility of new Israeli attacks.

Ishtaye said at the beginning of his weekly cabinet’s meeting “the international community must not stay silent toward the occupations crimes against civilians,” and that he “would not accept condemnation statements that put criminals and victims on equal terms.”

He welcomes the Egyptian effort to reach a cease-fire deal “hoping that it would lead to save the lives of our sons and stop the recurring tragedy of our people in the Gaza Strip,” according to a statement.

The statement added that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been intensively holding contacts with regional and international parties in the past two days to halt the assault.

The government is sending relief and medical aid to Gaza on Monday, he said.

A cease-fire deal, mediated by Egypt, has been reached between Israel and Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza and came into effect on Monday dawn, putting an end to the recent surge of violence that left at least 27 Palestinians killed, including four children.

The cease-fire agreement includes cessation of Israeli onslaught on Gaza and easing the Israeli-blockade on the strip, including opening the border crossings and stopping targeting Gaza fishermen, farmers and protesters.

Israeli warplanes conducted about 150 raids and targeted 200 civilian landmarks, including residential buildings, shops and media institutions.

The Gaza Strip has been put under a sever blockade since 2007.

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