Iran welcomes initial agreement between Yemeni conflicting sides as “promising”

 Iran welcomes initial agreement between Yemeni conflicting sides as “promising”

TEHRAN (Rahnuma): Iran’s Foreign Ministry welcomed the recent preliminary agreement between the conflicting Yemeni sides as “promising” for continuation of talks, Tehran Times daily reported on Saturday.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Thursday that the Yemeni parties had reached an agreement on ceasefire in the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah.

“This agreement shows that the Yemeni groups who attended the talks have understood the disastrous situation of the oppressed Yemeni people and prioritized humanitarian aid and prevention of the worsening the situation,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Bahram Qasemi, was quoted as saying.

Qasemi expressed hope that the port city of Hodeidah and other Yemeni ports and airports, including Sanaa airport, would be prepared as soon as possible to receive humanitarian aid.

“We hope the agreements would be implemented within the framework of the specified timeframe and provide necessary ground for the next round of talks in the near future to reach a final deal,” he added.

After a week of consultations in Sweden, the Yemeni warring parties agreed to stop fighting in the rebel-held port city of Hodeidah, on which millions of Yemenis depend for imports of food and fuel.

Yemen has been in a civil war in the past three years, pitting Houthi rebels and forces loyal to the government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. Saudi Arabia leads a military coalition to support the Hadi government.

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