Jagga Reddy lashes out at Minister Harish

Hyderabad, July 19 (NSS): Congress party MLA T.Jayaprakash reddy today lashed out at state finance minister and his arch rival T.Harish Rao for doing politics in his assembly constituency Sangareddy. He asked the minister if he would kill the people of his constituency and turn it into a grave yard for doing politics.

He asked Rao to not visit his constituency during the ongoing covid 19 virus pandemic. He said that he was also capable of visiting his constituency but added that he stopped visiting his constituency due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Reddy made it clear that hundreds of his supporters would gather around him if he visited his constituency and addd that there was a strong possibility of rapid spread of the virus if he visited his constituency. Reddy said that he was in touch with his constituency people and had been extending all kinds of support to them. He alleged that Harish rao was touring his constituency for every two Days to cause political damage to him.

He said that corona virus was spreading fast in his constituency and added that the people of his constituency were scared a lot about the spread of the virus. He dared Harish rao to bring ₹2000 crore for the development of his constituency and to make him unpopular .

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