Jagga Reddy on Kashmir Issue

Jagga Reddy on Kashmir Issue

Hyderabad, Aug.6 (NSS): Congress party ML|A from Sangareddy T. Jagga Reddy on Tuesday termed rival BJP as a Communal party. He alleged that the saffron party only cared for the interests of one particular community of the country but added that the Congress party had always remained to be a secular party.

In an informal chat with media persons, he said that the credit for uniting the Jammu and Kashmir state with the Indian union goes to their party leader and the first prime minister of the country Jawaharlal Nehru. He said that Nehru had brought in Article 370 and Article 35 A to protect Jammu and Kashmir from neighboring Pakistan. He said that none of the contemporary politicians were aware of the political developments that took place during Nehru’s era.  He made it clear that the people of Kashmir and the country would have suffered a lot of  problems if  Pakistan had occupied Kashmir after the independence of the country.

            He also welcomed the decision of BJP led NDA government to scrap the Articles introduced by Nehru. Reddy also aid that  the secular party Congress and the communal party BJP are  needed for the country.

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