Jeddah exhibition sets out to inspire new era of Saudi architecture

Antonia Carver, Art Jameel’s director, said: “We have collaborated with the Saudi Architecture and Design Commission and the Ministry of Culture to bring this amazing show to Hayy Jameel for Jeddah and Saudi audiences

EDDAH(RAHNUMA): Architecture’s changing role and influence over time is explored at a major exhibition at the Hayy Jameel arts complex in Jeddah.

“Accommodations,” which kicked off on Jan. 20 and will run until Aug. 7, is curated by Brooklyn-based Uzma Z. Rizvi and Murtaza Vali.

It features research by architects Hussam Dakkak, Basmah Kaki and Hessa AlBader of Studio Bound.

The exhibition, on the ground floor of Hayy Arts, uses archival documentation to explore the relationship between inclusion and exclusion, separation and unification, and the influence and impact the built environment has on generating new meanings, and redefining the relationship between the individual and the community.

Unfolding in three parts, it investigates a hotel, an island, and a home — a refuge of the familiar whose primary function has been inverted through growing reliance on digital interfaces for connection with others.

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