Johnson recreates ‘Love Actually’ scene urging people to vote for Tories

Johnson recreates ‘Love Actually’ scene urging people to vote for Tories

London, Dec 10 (IANS) UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recreated a scene from “Love Actually”, the 2003 British Christmas-themed romantic comedy film, urging citizens to vote for his ruling Conservative Party in Thursday’s general election.

In the party’s final election broadcast on Monday night, Johnson recreated a famous scene from the movie and used a slideshow of billboards to hammer out his core messages, The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

Clutching a pile of billboards and a stereo playing carols, the Prime Minister emulated the famous scene between actors Andrew Lincoln and Keira Knightly.

One by one he turned over the cards addressed to a woman he was trying to woo from across the threshold.

They read: “With any luck, by next year. We’ll have Brexit done. If Parliament doesn’t block it again. And we can move on.

“But for now let me say. Your vote has never been more important. The other guy could win.”

“So you have a choice to make. ‘Between a working majority. Or another gridlocked hung parliament.”

“Arguing about Brexit. ‘Until I look like this’,” and showed a picture of a scruffy blonde sheepdog which prompted a the woman to laugh.

Johnson continued: “It’s closer than you think. We only need nine more seats to get an election. And on 12th December. Your vote will make all the difference. Merry Christmas.”

This latest Conservative broadcast asking people to “vote Conservative actually” comes after Johnson deployed another film reference to steer people away from Labour, reports The Daily Mail.

He said voters should swing behind the Conservatives to avoid waking up on Friday the 13 to see the “Nightmare on Downing Street – Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn”.

Although a Labour surge was closing the gap, Johnson was still the frontrunner.

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