K-pop comes to Dubai

Author: Arab News DubaiWed, 2018-04-04 15:53ID: 1522835665496241600On Friday night, the largest Korean pop (K-pop) show yet in the Middle East will take place in the UAE, when the sixth SM Town Live world tour hits Dubai’s Autism Rocks Arena, with 13 artists performing. K-pop has witnessed a phenomenal rise in global popularity in recent years, and Mohammed Khammas, CEO of show organizers Al Ahli Holding Group, told Arab News he believes that’s down to the “incredible variety of talents within each song or performance.”
“K-Pop combines an incredible variety of talents within each song or performance,” Khammas said. “The choreography is the same standard as professional dancing troupes, while the songs are not only catchy but tell a story the audience can identify with — adolescence, love, joy, grief…
“Everything from the writing and music to the performance takes an incredible amount of talent, time and dedication, so the artists themselves are certainly multi-talented, and I think the audience recognizes that,” he continued. “Add to that the intricately designed sets for both the music videos and live performances, and the fact that many of the artists are well-known public figures who present on television or make their own videos, and you can see that they create a real connection between the fans and the music.”
Khammas is hopeful that connection will be forged in the Middle East too.
“Our expectation is to bridge cultures and diversify entertainment in the region,” he said. “Having witnessed the caliber of the artists, we’re hoping the show will open K-pop up to a new demographic of concertgoers. The high-energy, choreographed shows are astounding to watch. I think we can expect many new K-Pop fans once they witness the show in Dubai.”
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