KCR Govt playing with careers of innocent school children–Cong

Hyderabad, Oct.18 (NSS): The Congress party on Friday urged the State Government to give clarity on extension of Dussera holidays for school children in view of ongoing strike by RTC employees.

Hyderabad City Congress Committee (HCCC) Minorities Department Chairman Sameer Waliullah, in a media statement, alleged that the extension of Dussera holidays by six days till October 19 has completely upset the Academic Schedule. Accusing the KCR Govt of playing with the careers of lakhs of innocent school children, he said that lot of rumours were doing rounds with regard to re-opening of schools. With October 20 being Sunday, schools will re-open on October 21. But what will happen if the strike continues on Monday? Will the government extend holidays for more time?

Sameer pointed out that as per the Academic Calendar, the Summative Assessment – SA-1 is scheduled to be held from 21st to 26th October. This means that without any classes or preparation in the last one week, students will have to write exams on first day of re-opening of school. “As per Academic Calendar, the last day of working of academic year 2019-20 is April 23, 2020. There will be about 14-15 Public Holidays, 6 Second Saturday and 26 Sundays in this period. We will have another 6 days of Sankranti Holidays. Missionary Schools will have 7 additional holidays for Christmas. This means that there will be another 52-53 Holidays in current academic year. Therefore, there will about 134 days left for the schools, teachers and students to complete their syllabus and write exams, he said, adding that Telangana has becoming a Holiday State. Of 317 days in the academic calendar (2019-20), there are 106 holidays.

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